Visit to HTC by Hong Kong ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter

A group of 12 members of the Chapter paid a visit to HTC (Hong Kong) on 24 October 2019.  Staff of HTC arranged to demonstrate several VR projects which were being developed by the technical team, e.g. eye-ball tracking technology applied for training presentation or station officer, and other immersive VR projects like fork-lift truck, baseball hitting, etc.

Besides, HTC staff held a discussion on the applications of the new technology and shared their experience with us about the development.  Some members were interested and might consider trying the new things.

Computer Animation Festival Screening-SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 for Hong Kong Students

The Computer Animation Festival Screening-SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 (CAF Screening) was successfully completed on 11 April 2019. The event was essentially an appreciation activity and the MC of the event was a CG student.

In the event, we were honored to invite Mr. Alex LIM Hung Fung, the winner of the Best Visual Effects in the Asian Film Awards Academy, to give us a demonstration of visual effects.

During the event, Dr. Simon Shum, the Vice-Chair of the Hong Kong Chapter, introduced the audience the Hong Kong Chapter.

The following image is the group photo taken after watching the CAF Screening.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2019-Chengdu Sharing Meeting

On 19 April 2019, the SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 sharing meeting was organized in Chengdu, China.

During the meeting, Dr. Eric Liu, the Chair of Asia Chapters and Chair of Hong Kong Chapter, introduced the ACM SIGGRAPH Asia to the members of Chengdu Chapter.

Dr. Simon Shum, the Vice-Chair of Hong Kong Chapter, shared the experience of education and training for computer graphics (CG) talents in Hong Kong.

Mr. Gabriel Pang, the Chair of Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association, was invited to introduce the development of CG industry in Hong Kong.

Speakers from Chengdu and Shanghai were also invited to share the experiences of CG development in Chengdu and Shanghai.

This is the group photo of the meeting.